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About Us

Holistic Healing Professionals

Formerly HyunSong Acupuncture and Herb Clinic, Cedar & Pine has been your eastern medicine home since 2004. 

After seeing his loved ones suffering for years with a chronic disease and Primary treatment methods failing, Peter, the founder of former Cedar & Pine, decided to research alternative methods of healing.

Alternative Medicine quickly became a passion, which Peter studied for many years before deciding to share the knowledge gained with the members of Abbotsford. Peter opened the former HyunSongAcupuncture-Herb Clinic and still plays an active part in the center. Spreading the benefits of Acupuncture in Abbotsford was a big challenge. Eventually, his work, passion and sincerity paid off to expand to 2 generations of acupuncture service.

Now known as Cedar and Pine Acupuncture-Herb Clinic, Clara took on Peter's footsteps to heal your body, naturally.

Cedar & Pine Acupuncture-Herb Clinic specializes in homeopathic health services and treats all patients with the utmost respect and care. We offer complementary and alternative healthcare to support your healing path to wellness. Based on your physical and psychological conditions, we evaluate the best treatment options available for you. Let us know how we can help you and we'll make sure you receive the best treatment Abbotsford and Fraser Valley can offer.

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